Import and Wholesale of Yarns, Threads, Zippers, Needles, Scissors

Yarns, Threads, Zippers

We offer a wide variety of yarns, but predominantly work with Yarnart, Alize and Bulgaria-K, among other producers. We offer yarns with different mixes of wool and acrylic (most commonly 100% wool, 80/20, 50/50, 30/70), 100% cotton or cotton with acrylic, microfiber yarns, which are an excellent alternative to cotton, as well as yarns from 100% viscose (the so called “artificial silk”) or a mix of viscose and cotton.

Clients looking for yarns for kids and babies can take advantage of the specially developed Yarnart “Baby” (100% acrylic, 50 grams per skein, which has undergone special processing to make it as soft as possible and perfect for any children’s clothing project, as well as for making yarn dolls), “Dolce” (100% micropolyester, a thicker but still a very soft yarn, ideal for baby blankets) and “Baby Bianca” (40% wool, which has undergone special processing, so it’s soft against the skin, and 60% premium acrylic, available in 25 gram skeins, suited for the cooler months of the year).

As fashion goes, it’s currently trendy to use yarns for different hair styles. We offer “Vidlon”, which young ladies use to create colorful extensions to their hair. The yarn material is quick to dry after getting wet, which makes it a practical choice.

Bulgarian cotton threads for crocheting and embroidery (in hanks or balls):

  • Thickness 50/6, in white and ecru, 100 gr. hank or 50 gr. ball
  • Thickness 34/6, in white and ecru, 100 gr hank or 50 gr. ball
  • “Briyante”, in white and ecru, 100 gr. hank
  • “Roza” (“Rose”), in white and ecru, 50 gr. ball
  • “Cotton Perle”, different colors, 25 gr. ball


High quality Bulgarian threads for sewing:

  • Cotton threads, for machine sewing
  • Cotton threads, for hand sewing
  • Shoe making threads, made from a high strength artificial material, resistant to sun and moisture
  • Decorative threads for jeans
  • Elastic threads
  • Silicone threads (as well as Silicone tape)
  • “Korean” threads


Needle kits:

  • Hand sewing kits, different sizes
  • Tapestry needles
  • Needles for upholstery work
  • Needles for sewing leather
  • Needles for sewing machines
  • Knitting needles
  • Normal and decorative pins



Closed end, separating and two way separating zippers, plastic and metal, in many colors. Sizes vary from 8 cm to 140 cm, and we also offer a continuous zipper chain, which can be cut to your clients’ specification (with as many sliders as needed).


Scissors and others:

  • Scissors of different sizes and purpose
  • Buttonhole openers
  • Tailor’s chalks
  • Machine oil for sewing machines
  • Sewing machine bobbins (plastic and metal)
  • Tailor’s tapes


If you are interested in our products, do not hesitate to contact us with any specific query you may have. Our product portfolio is always changing, so we will do our best to provide you with up to date information and recent photos of the products you may be interested in.