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Prices, Ordering, Delivery

The following information concerns the process of obtaining the latest prices, how to order and delivery options.


You can contact us to request an updated price list for any items you may be interested in. Since new products are constantly introduced by manufacturers (children’s clothing, in particular), we can provide you with photos of what we have currently available in stock or request photos from the manufacturer and forward them to you. Bigger orders and returning customers will receive a discount.

Ordering & Payment

Orders are subject to product availability from the distributors and factories we work with – an order may take a couple of days to a couple of months to be processed (typically for yarns), depending on the items and quantity you order – you will be notified before paying. You can also make a custom order of children’s clothing to your specification, which we can forward to the producers. Since we are also a retail seller, you can order samples, as long as we have them in stock (e.g. several skeins from different makes of yarn or single items of children’s clothing, so you are aware of the quality of the items you will be ordering).

Orders will be executed after receiving payment. If you are worried about working with us, as a business partner you’ve not had any past experience with, we can accommodate smaller orders at first. Bank transfers are the preferred method of payment, as they are more secure for both parties.


We can send smaller packages using regular air or ground postal service, or contact a cargo company, if your order is big enough (using Euro pallets, typically sized 120 x 80 x 220 cm). Be sure to request a quote from us or your preferred handler.