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Tapestry Kits & Umbrellas

We offer a variety of tapestry kits (gobelins) and umbrellas.

“Zarya” tapestry kits are produced in Bulgaria, under the license of “Wiehler”. Every kit is sealed by the manufacturer, which guarantees that clients receive everything needed to start working on their chosen piece – canvas, color coded threads, tapestry needle and instructions. The most popular kits include “Puppets” threads, which are of comparable quality to the popular “DMC” threads, but at a considerably lower price. We can also deliver kits with “DMC” threads, which may slightly delay your order, as the factory processes your custom request.

Umbrellas, Classic, Foldable, Automatic, Importer, Wholesaler

When it comes to umbrellas, you can chose between classical or foldable (manual or automatic), with normal or extra spokes and ribs, as well as specially made umbrellas with silicone ends, which offer better protection for the mechanism in windy conditions. Automatic foldable umbrellas are especially useful for commuters, as they can be quickly opened or closed when entering a car or a bus. The canopies are made from different materials, ranging from standard wet-proof materials to semi or fully transparent silicone, all offering lovely vivid colors, floral or landscape images. We’ve not forgotten our smallest clients – kids will enjoy umbrellas with their favorite cartoon characters!

If you are interested in our products, do not hesitate to contact us with any specific query you may have. Our product portfolio is always changing, so we will do our best to provide you with up to date information and recent photos of the products you may be interested in.